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Organic Essential Oils

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Chakras are energy points in our bodies and when there's an imbalance it can be subtle or very obvious. Some people constantly have a difficulty with a particular chakra point and others find that certian ones need a tune up at particular points in their life. Whatever your story is, these oils can help you to open these energy points singularly or as a set. Each one is crafted with organic essential oils specific to that energy point and labeled with the symbol for that point. These oils are great for meditation, deficiencies and issues connected with those specific points. For example, if someone is having a thyroid issue, they would focus on the throat oil, applying it to that point each day to put that chakra point back in alignment. You can purchase these oils individually or as a set. The oils available are: The Crown Chakra- Violet (at the very top of the head) Helping us become fully connected spiritually. Issues connected with this point are inability to see our own beauty and spiritual connection problems. Lavender*, Jojoba* The Third Eye Chakra-Indigo (In between eyebrows) This point deals with seeing the bigger picture. Issues connected to this point are difficulty making decisions, intuition and imagination. Frankincense*, Myrrh*, Jojoba* The Throat Chakra- Blue (Middle of throat) This point deals with communication and self expression. Chamomile*, Spearmint*, Tea Tree, Jojoba* The Heart Chakra-Green (Middle of chest above heart) This point deals with love, joy and inner peace. Eucalyptus Lemon*, Rosemary*, Jojoba* The Solar Plexus- Yellow (Center of upper abdomen) This point deals with self worth, confidence and self esteem. Lemon*, Rosemary* The Sacral Chakra- Orange (Lower abdomen a few inches below belly button) This point deals with sense of abundance, well being and sexuality. Bergamot*, Clary Sage*, Patchouli*, Jojoba* The Root Chakra- Red (Base of spine/tailbone) This point deals with survival issues- money, food and financial independance. Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Vetiver*, Jojoba* *indicates certified organic bottles are 1/4 dram size and come in a gift set box with a description card.

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