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A Miracle Cream For Pain Relief

June 21, 2019

Cream of hemp

How Hemp Induced Cream Can Help With Pain Relief?

       Cannabis sativa has been used,  for thousands of years in Asia in treating pain and sleep disorders, due to its antalgic properties. Therapeutic hemp reduces anxiety and sleep disorders on people who do not respond to analgesics. Whether if we agree with it or not, legalizing cannabis represents an opportunity in improving people’s health condition. What would you think about a pain relief cream, based on hemp?
       Cannabis has more than 100 active ingredients called cannabinoids. Surprisingly, our bodies produce cannabinoids in a natural way. Cannabinoids are very benefic to the skin and can even help those who suffer from certain skin diseases and inflammations.
         What's interesting to know is that topical cannabis ointments are not really new. The ancient Egyptians used these infused topical products as drugs against skin infections, inflammation, pain relief, and as a disinfectant for wounds. As is too often the case, the ancestral wisdom surrounding cannabis ointments as a natural remedy has been almost forgotten and is only rediscovered today.
         Topical cannabis products may contain various active compounds, including THC. However, most commonly CBD is the cannabinoid in question for the topical products market. It is generally believed that this active ingredient has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that may be good to the skin at the cellular level.
          CBD is suspended by lipids in the oily base of any ointment you use; when applied to your skin, the cannabinoids contained in these lipids are transported across cell membranes, where they can directly heal cells and tissues. Creams seem to be the most efficient for local relief areas of muscle and joint pain and even for skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne. 
         There are many studies on the benefits of CBD and its benefits to humans. A study published last year by Dr. Brio of the Hungarian University of Debrecen showed how CBD consumption relieves pain and even reduces inflammation and osteoarthritis. The research concludes by claiming that the use of CBD applied to the skin helped to relieve pain related to osteoarthritis.
         The different benefits of using topical CBD are the almost immediate relief, compared to the time needed for consumables, as well as the lack of hovering effect. Consumers can continue their lives while being relieved. The topical technique is only used on the skin. In this way the CBD does not enter the blood system. Instead, it breaks the skin and muscle barrier so that it can act locally and provide relief from pain.
         CBD ointments and other topical products are fairly recent products on the market and interest in these products will continue to grow in the coming years, especially in the dermatology field.
           You have no reason not to try a pain relief cream and why not recommend them to your acquaintances.

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